InfiniteU was founded in 2008 by Artistic Creator Filiz, with the letter U representing Universe, Unity and Us. With over a decade of experience and study with many masters, Filiz pursued her personal flow to consult and create items of beauty with scent and colour that would bring more flow and positive energy into people’s lives and spaces.

“I am always inspired by the beauty of nature, its colours, textures and natural scents and its ability to transform, heal, connect and uplift us. It is in recognizing that our internal and inner worlds are also linked and connected to our outer and external worlds that continues to inspire my creative abilities. All of my blends and art are created to bring positive energy and life force of nature to you. As the creator of naturally healing products and art symbolically handmade with passion and purpose, it is my heart’s desire that you find the infinite in you.”

With love and laughter, Filiz.

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