About Filiz

Flow is as unique to each person as their personality and traits, it is essentially something you enjoy doing, it is a life force that is irresistible and unique to you and in doing this thing you love, you find you self in a positive joy filled state.

People often ask what inspires me as I am always creating a new blend or painting. I was born into a creative family who owned their own fruit farm in Adelaide, I grew up in nature and the outdoors, and I watched my parents create many things. My mum who is retired now was a professional dress maker and I watched her sewing exclusive designer clothes, and my dad who is a genius inventor and a medicine man at heart, kept busy after work planting new vegetables and making his own homemade cheese from the milk he got off the farm or wine from the distiller he made himself. Both my parents are very gifted and I watched them turn raw materials into amazing things. Today I show respect and gratitude to my upbringing and all the many other teachers and masters whom I studied with for their knowledge and wisdom helped shape who I am today.

My passion and purpose is to continue creating items of beauty that will help transform & heal and bring more flow and positive energy to people’s lives and spaces. I have found my flow working with energy, nature, colour and scent, so I feel it is my mission and vision to share my creations and to help others find their own flow.

“No matter who, what or where we are, we all need a beautiful scent to wear and to be surrounded by beautiful art to help inspire and connect us to our hearts” -Filiz

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