Signature Scents

Filiz has had an overwhelming demand for not only her unique art work but also individually personalized and handmade signature scents. Clients were not only drawn to the captivating and addictive sensory appeal of her sprays but also to the unique healing properties of her creations that have been described to shift energy and promote a sense of wellbeing. Combining years of experience with the ancient practices of Feng Shui and holistic healing she is able to bring positive and vibrant energy to her clients through her customized sprays that she meticulously crafts and delivers using specially sourced and blended natural oils into signature sprays that are balanced with individually chosen crystals and gem stones. After years of consulting clients from very diverse backgrounds with highly specialized needs, Filiz was able to associate various oil blends with different energies, moods and holistic properties to create and launch her signature line of scents that is now sold in specialized stores and boutiques across the country. Each of these 17 uniquely blended scents, that form part of the “positive energy boost” collection are all geared towards brining positive energy, clarity, happiness and love. Filiz has been described to be very caring, compassionate and uplifting individual and to present an aura and presence that brings, happiness, positive energy, empowerment and a sense of calmness and tranquility that has been captured and bottled in her signature scents. Filiz is constantly developing and evolving her art and craft of making signature scents and strives to deliver the most unique and satisficing sensory experience in all her creations.


Sessions 1.5 - 2 hours per person

These are very special blends created with natural oils and gifts from nature. Your unique creations are messages in a bottle hand made for your energy and needs.
Please see energy express online store to book in a session. Signature Scent Sessions are created for private clients who would like to have their very own perfume and sprays and salts made for their personal use. Our time together is interactive and silent as we journey through the process of colored silk fabrics, Filiz’s own card deck, scents, crystals and items of nature to create your own blends. Gratitude to nature for allowing us to learn from and evolve, grow, glow and flow.


Exclusive Custom Blending From 3 hours +

Exclusive Signature Blends made with love and created for business purposes bringing more flow Exclusive perfumes and sprays are created with InfiniteU labels or private labelling. We have been consulting and creating more flow and positive energy with our consulting and custom blending for many private offices, day spa, health practitioners & healers and accountants and business’s and their staff for over ten years with InfiniteU energy. Here are some of our private labelling Sprays and Oil Perfumes made with love for our recent beautiful clients at - Ohana Yoga in Port Melbourne, Good People HR Collin street and Artist in St Kilda, Daylesford Villas, and beautiful Spa’s. We are passionately creating more unique blends and working on amazing projects as we endeavour to bring more positive energy, life force and flow for many people and their space.


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