Sprays & Oils

We have been creating all natural and beautiful scents with crystals for over ten years, bringing our customers and clients positive energy and love through our products. As our experiences and positive feedback from our clients have grown so has our natural selection of beautiful handmade blends made with love.
All InfiniteU blends are hand blended by Filiz and her team in Micro batches at our studio space in Melbourne, where we are able to control the purity and quality of all our products.

Because we love what we do, this also means you are also receiving our love filled creations & positive energy just as nature intended. Our sprays, oil perfumes and salt blends are 100% natural, safe on the skin, alcohol, fragrance & synthetic free. We are always creating new blends inspired by the people and circumstances on life’s mystical journey and path we each travel. We have many stores and beautiful people in their personal and professional lives that buy and use our perfumes and sprays. As we use only 100% pure essential oils, therapeutic grade oils, natural herbs and gifts from nature, everything I am I owe to Mother Nature, with love and gratitude in my heart.

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